Humour helps

My last post was a bit gloomy so I thought i’d make this post more upbeat and positive, with a bit of humour.

First of all, I’d just like to thank a good friend of mine for some advice she gave me after seeing my previous post. She suggested that basically when I have days where I’m feeling like I did loads of things wrong and/or am questioning everything I’ve said and done, try to think and make a list of the good things I did that day. The positive things.

Like, on that day, well you probably saw what I did/thought, but when I look back at that day again I should have actually seen a nice day out with a couple of friends. A day where I saw a film I really liked. A day where I had a good catch-up and a laugh. A day where I got out of the house to be social. So yeah, it was actually a pretty good day. And I will try to start making a list – like a pros and cons list (with the pros hopefully outshining the cons). I might show the list on this blog or keep it private – that is what I am to decide.

As well as mentioning the above, I thought I’d share some of the more positive and funny moments of my life – particularly set during my time in hospital. I know it probably seems odd, having some of my happy, humorous memories being set at a hospital – believe me there’s plenty other nice memories from other places such as school and college too! – but I think these stories I’m about to tell you show not only you but also proves to myself that despite what negative situation is sent to try me, there is always a positive side somewhere. You have just got to find it.

Anyway, enough rambling on. Here are my top 3 situations in my life that have resulted in humour.

  1. The NG tube incident.

I had an NG tube (Nasal-gastric) for about a year – maybe just less. I can’t remember if I mentioned what happened in September 2012? If I haven’t, I will be explaining fully soon. But basically, my weight dropped quite severely and I became quite ill and in need of more operations but because I was so underweight and weak – I was given an NG tube for a while to build me up for these operations.

So, there were a few times during my stay as an inpatient in hospital where I was bored and because I have a slightly silly/cheeky sense of humour, I thought it would be fun to well, have a bit of fun with the nurses/doctors. Particularly, on this occasion. I had a student nurse look after me, along with a qualified nurse. They were both great. I had to have the pH level of my stomach acid tested due to the end of my tube being positioned in my stomach. The level had to be tested because they had to check that it was in the right place of my stomach. Different parts of the stomach had slightly different pH levels and it was important that the tube was in the right part. It was also to make sure it hadn’t got caught up anywhere or got stuck in a place that wasn’t my stomach (for this, the level will be wrong or not conclusive). To check the tube was in the right place, the nurse – or myself at times – would take a syringe and attach it to the other end of the tube which was showing (the NG tube is inserted through my nose – so the other end of the tube not in my stomach is stuck on one side of my face). The student, in this case, proceeded with doing this and then started to pull the syringe back (the process being some acid will be sucked up the tube and into the syringe – sorry if it sounds gross). Now, I thought it would be funny to suck in my cheeks as she pulled back the syringe to make it look as if she was sucking out my insides. She panicked, apologised and started pushing all the contents (acid) inside of the syringe, back into my body. Oh boy. I obviously quickly stopped and said “I was only joking”. Dad burst out laughing, as did the qualified nurse. She then, luckily got the joke and also laughed. That moment didn’t last long but the memory will stay with me forever. Because it was funny for me and for everyone else in the room. I love making people laugh.

(Here is a photo of me doing the exact action….although with out the cross-eyes haha!)

2. The ‘Wasting away’ incident

Sounds a bit worrying. Bare with me. So, at one stage there was a time where I had been admitted as an inpatient due to a few problems with my stomach. I had been there for a good week, at least, by this stage. It was getting to the point where I was actually wanting to eat. I was hungry and craving different foods which normally is a good, rare, thing for me. However, I was nil by mouth due to the tests I was having. Though I understood why I was nil by mouth, I wasn’t happy about it. Me and my dad decided to have a bit a bit of a laugh with the doctors/surgeons who were doing their ward rounds (this one was kind of his idea to start with but I added onto it).

What we did is put my teddy (yes, I had a teddy called ‘lucky’ – I felt like it brought me luck whilst I was in hospital) on my bed, with it’s head up against the pillow. And then we laid my pyjamas out flat on top on the bed to make it look like the teddy was wearing the Pj’s.

We pulled the curtain round, sat on the two chairs in my cubical and waited for the doctors to get to us. We heard them get closer then the curtain got pulled round. There was a second silence then Dad said “Told you, you should have fed her” (or something along those lines). Everyone laughed. I remember that moment fondly. We were quite well known in that hospital – for the right reasons luckily!

(I thought I’d have a photo of the teddy in the pj’s on the bed but I don’t unfortunately, but here’s a picture of the teddy, in the same bed, ‘listening to music’)

3. The “MY DAD’S A WOMAN!” incident

Now, this is a moment that will probably stay with me forever. And I’m quite surprised I still remember it. Probably because my dad won’t stop reminding me of it. I have told many people this story as it’s just so brilliant! (I think so anyway…)

So, it was after one of my major operations. And I had not long been moved from intensive care. I was now in special care (which is a step down from intensive – if anyone was wondering). I had obviously been given a lot of medicine to keep me as still as possible and to just prevent me from feeling any pain. Most of that time I don’t remember. What I do remember, though, are some of my hallucinations. Because of the drugs they were giving me, I was hallucinating. Completely normal for my state. And it eventually, obviously, worn off.

I must have been hallucinating a lot, but as I say, I can’t remember much of that time. One particular hallucination I do remember though. I remember being in a ward or room (that’s not 100% clear) and looking up at my dad from my bed. As I looked up, I saw – and this is no joke – that my dad had breasts! Like, you could see the outline of them on the top he was wearing. It was so weird… I looked up at him and in pure shock shouted, “MY DAD’S A WOMAN. HE’S GOT BOOBS”.

Oh dear. He must have been a tad embarrassed. In fact I think he was, considering he still reminds me of that moment to this day….

(I don’t have any photos of this moment…..obviously. It’d be weird if I had)

Haha, so yeah. There’s some amusing moments from my life. I will be sure to add some more throughout the blog!

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